Sinette Hesselink, co founder studio PLOT

After studying fashion at the AKI art academy I worked for 6 years with Borsumij Textiles, an im- and export giant. With Borsumij menswear I built up a large Far east (HKG) work experience. In the 90-ties I decided to go freelance with studio PLOT.

A collection process is a very structured process containing the following skills:

  • Visualizing a brands DNA; storytelling.
  • Creating seasonal colors within product or age groups and seasonal fashion themes.
  • Shopping in- and outside Europe. Translating the info into a commercial product or collection.
  • Collection design within target groups; financial- and fashion wise corresponding to price levels.
  • Sketching designs, computer drawings and prepare all for pre-production phase.
  • Making of pilot collections in Far east and Turkey.

I work with ILLUSTRATOR, PHOTOSHOP, INDESIGN, DREAMWEAVER, PAINTER & CANVAS, if working with film we’re using Final Cut;  Apple driven.

I am a professional in translating GLOBAL trends into workable concepts of any kind. The key to success is to always think ahead of your targets. We are specialists on menswear, sportswear and kidswear. I make it a point to travel as much as I can to meet my customers and most important: their customers. I stay tuned to the future and translate current influences to what customers want from their wardrobes. This is valuable information that I truly channel into the concept and design process.
To find solutions for our clients demands, that’s our core business : ‘What do they want, and what do they need’.

Sinette is an enthusiastic, design driven, communicative and practical woman with a no-nonsense approach. She rapidly and easily switches between people, roles, departments and disciplines. Optimizes processes, identifies areas for improvement where necessary and holds attention to detail all the way. Working as a dedicated outsider within a team, that’s her usp. Humor is her ongoing companion.

Besides designing for national and international clients, I lecture at Academy Artemis, Amsterdam.

Sinette is married to Sjoerd Landman, architect. They have a son Matteo.