Collage for the Belgium Pavilion, World Expo Korea 2012

  When entering the pavilion, visitors walk along the “ticket booth” and then stands in an area surrounded by a wooden fence. In the far corner it is open, towards the sea; it shows a fantastic panorama of the Belgian coast: dunes and grass waving, beautiful sandy beaches and theread more

Laterna Magica primary school, communication tool school>parents

The school is using a public website where parents can log into a parent section. In order to have full profile details concerning the parents and children, we thought of making a postcard which the children could sent from their holiday addresses to a classmate. That way parents were ‘forced’read more

Sparring Sourcing Exploring

Studio PLOT participates often in brainstorm-ish sessions. We inform our clients on present developments and their adaptors in the Netherlands. Our national and international travels put ‘the Dutch identity’ and climate into perspective. This seems to be very helpful for clients that want to enter this very specific market. A regularread more

the Wooligans

The family Wooligan is a toy-concepts initiated by studio PLOT. Handmade, unique sock puppets for kids and grownups. To have and to hold. Their address is: Emmy Andriessestraat 280 1087 ML Amsterdam the Netherlands

Corporate Identity, Tre Frassini.

Tre Frassini, initiated by Sjoerd Landman, Architoop (architecture and the post academic architecture at AvB, Amsterdam, graduated with a CL in 1996 and Sinette Hesselink, studio PLOT, designs and builds contemporary garden furniture and accessories. Projects include City and larger Family gardens with a major speciality in roof gardens and terraces. We offer products withread more

Misteli, fairconcept ‘de Amsterdamse housewarming’

On request of Misteli, studio PLOT gave input to create a new concept for a housing fair ‘de Amsterdamse Housewarming’. Amsterdam gives an open house during 2 days. All the available spaces in Amsterdam and satellite cities will be exposed in a clear and ‘easy to find’ setting. Here visitorsread more

Cakewalk, collection film fall 2006

For the Cakewalk brand we made a film to illustrate the collection of the fall collection 06. The goal was partly to get all the international agents in the right mood to work with the collection later on. The clip we are here showing is about the last delivery which had theread more

ING house Concept book

Meyer & van Schooten architects joined a contest of designing the muziek gebouw on the former IJ-docklands of Amsterdam. The presentation, made to illustrate the plan, was very unclear in our opinion. Due to the unclear presentation, the communication of the sketches failed. They did not win this open more